Classroom Information


Homework will go home every Monday and is expected to come back on Friday but if you need the weekend, you can take it. This is for extra practice and so that parents know what we are working on in school!

Bucket Fillers

In our classroom we are all Bucket Fillers! Students earn bucket drops when they fill another person’s bucket. Bucket filling actions can be helping someone, cleaning up a mess that isn’t yours, or being respectful to others. Students save their bucket drops for rewards like a new pencil, lunch with the teacher, extra recess, or a class party!


8:30-9:00- Morning Work

9:00-9:30- Crew

9:30-10:30- Math

10:30-11:00- Recess

11:00-11:30- Lunch

11:30-11:45- Quiet Time/Read Aloud

11:45-12:30- Expedition

12:30-1:30- Skills Block

1:30-1:40- Movement Break

1:40-2:30- Unified Arts

2:30-3:00- Flex Time

3:00-3:20- Playtime/Snack

3:20- Dismissal